Application Guidelines

We support

  • disability projects especially those for disabled adults
  • in the South West, mainly in Devon and Cornwall

We are looking for local and regional charities, which are

  • small and well-run
  • with strong support from volunteers
  • with modest expenditure on fundraising & administration

Application Guidelines

The organisation must be based within the South West. The Trustees prefer applicants to follow these guidelines:

An application form should be submitted either by post to:

The Secretary,
The Clare Milne Trust,
1 The Sanctuary

or (if preferred) by email :

Together with a covering letter (on your letterhead), detailed proposal (no more than 2 sides of A4) and a budget.

Applications should:

1. State clearly who the organisation or body applying to us is, what they do and whom they seek to help.

2. Give the applicant's status, e.g., registered charity.

3. If you are applying for general funding, how many people does the body help or will otherwise benefit from it?

4. If you are applying to fund a project, describe the project clearly, in particular:

  • Its aim and why is it needed?
  • How many people will benefit from it?
  • What stage has it reached so far?
  • State what funds have already been raised for it, and name any other people or bodies to which you have applied for funding.
  • If on-going funding is required after the project is in place explain where this will be obtained.

5. Please state the amount sought.