Policy Statement

We support

  • disability projects especially those for disabled adults
  • in the South West, mainly in Devon and Cornwall

We are looking for local and regional charities, which are

  • small and well-run
  • with strong support from volunteers
  • with only modest expenditure on fundraising and administration.

Typical grants are

  • between £1,000 and £25,000
  • generally a partial contribution towards the total project cost.

We do not support individuals directly but we do assist special charities to help individuals in our area. You can find examples of charities to whom we have given funds on the next page. We do not offer grants to national or other larger charities although, exceptionally, we have supported one or two in relation to specific local projects.

Our trustees meet four times annually, and to save unnecessary administration we will respond only to applications which fit our remit.

If you think that your project could be suitable please write summarising your request on one side of an A4 sheet if possible, with minimal supporting literature (please see application guidelines).

Please telephone Karen Colborne (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) or Lynne Boyer (Mondays and Fridays) on 020 7222 5381 if you wish to discuss your proposal before writing.