Supporting people of all ages with a disability

The Trust’s focus is to support people of all ages with a disability who live in Devon or Cornwall, to help them to live a full and active life.

The Trust does this by making grants to registered charities and not-for-profit organisations which work directly with people with disabilities who live in Devon or Cornwall. The Trust focuses its grant giving on charities and not-for-profit organisations that are well run, with effective governance and good volunteer support.

The current trustees strive to honour Lesley’s wishes and to keep Clare’s memory alive.


Girl learning how to caress a horse's neck while sitting on it's back during equine assisted therapy stock photo

A Special Lady

Clare Milne was a special lady, much loved by her family and many friends. Clare was full of life despite the challenges of living with cerebral palsy and was always keen to try new things.

In 1998 Clare received significant funds from the estate of her famous grandfather AA Milne, the author and creator of Winnie the Pooh. Clare and her mother, Lesley Milne, decided that the money should be used to set up a charity to help people with disabilities. The Clare Milne Trust was established in 1999 and began awarding grants in 2002.

Sadly, Clare died prematurely in 2012 at the age of 56. It was her mother Lesley’s dream “to know that my girl will be remembered for something that brings happiness where it is most needed.”

Clare Milne, the granddaughter of A.A Milne

Our trustees

The Trust could not operate without the expertise and energy of our team of trustees. The trustees devote a large amount of their time to reviewing grant applications, visiting local charities and ensuring the smooth running of the Trust.

Our trustees are:

  • Charlie Dixon
  • Christine Kirk
  • Eavan McCafferty
  • Margaret Rogers
  • Jacqueline Southon
  • Kevin Underwood
  • Lynda Williams